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Why is sperm freezing and storage necessary?

Well, firstly, nobody has the guarantee that they would continue to be fertile all their life. People may face any kind of accidents, health complications, or any other such issue which might contribute to their infertility with growing times.

And thus, the infertility experts suggest preserving the gametes of both the genders so that they can have their own child even if they marry late

The sperm freezing process and cost

After successful collection of the sperm from the males, it is frozen in a temperature of almost -70 degrees C in a mechanical freezer or at -196 degrees c at liquid nitrogen freezers. They can have it stored for a day or for years depending upon the necessity of the same. The cost varies from clinic to clinic and depends majorly on the term of the preservation.

So, if you are planning to freeze your sperm, it might be the right time to do so!

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Sperm Freezing and Storage

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Male infertility has various causes behind it, some of which may be known while some might not be known. If we go by the common infertility causes of men, they include erectile dysfunction, non-production of healthy and enough sperm, hormonal imbalance, infections in the reproductive organs, and other clinical conditions.

The lifestyle habit that today’s people lead also impact their reproductive health to immense lengths and thus, it won’t be wrong to say that people tend to be more infertile or less fertile with growing age, mostly the women as they need to be super healthy in fertility terms to carry the baby in their womb for nine long months.

As far as the men are concerned, they may be fully healthy in their young age but as time grows, many instances can occur which can make them less fertile. Thus it is wise to preserve their semen when they are still healthy and can produce enough of it so that they can facilitate childbirth even if they face issues with their fertility.

Sperm Freezing and Storage

(or never marry at all but want to have a child of their own) or face infertility conditions further in their lives.

It is verily needed for most people of today’s generation as they remain too busy with their everyday schedule and possesses many such unhealthy habits which might cause them infertility issues in the future. And when the process is so easy, why not opt for the same!