The process is easy and affordable…

We cannot really say that the egg donor does not go through pain while the process is carried out but the process is not too difficult to execute. It is easily done by the experts in the business and thus, does not hold many complications.

Also, if you are the one who needs
ovum donation, there is no legal complexities to hire a donor as well and vice versa. In our country, it is both easy and affordable to receive the ovum donation treatment and also to be an egg donor!

There are almost nil side effects after you donate eggs and the procedure is carried out without much health complications as well. So, if you are wondering whether to give consent for ovum donation or not, go for it!

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Ovum Donation

Infertility has affected couples at a larger scale since forever! The only difference between the infertile couples then and now is that the treatment options available today is vast and easily available.

Unlike before, when the only option left to the infertile couple was adoption, today the various
IVF treatment has increased chances of conception through artificial procedures or to have a child of their own.

These advanced medical science facilities have paved the way for hope and happiness for the infertile couples who once though they cannot have their own biological child.

If one of the partners either the male or the female is fertile, and the other infertile, there is a possibility of having a biological child of their own through the fertile partner’s gametes. In case the female suffers infertility, then the most prominent
infertility treatment option is ovum donation.

Ovum Donation

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Ovum Donation

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If the female partner is capable of carrying the baby in her womb, then the fertilized gametes are transferred to her fallopian tube or uterus for further assessment of the childbirth process. But if the female is unable to carry the baby in her womb, then a surrogate mother is needed for the childbirth process.

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The term ovum donation refers to the fact that a fertile woman would donate her healthy gametes or eggs to be used to carry on the
in vitro fertilization process with either the sperm of a male donor or the male partner of the infertile female.

When a woman is infertile and cannot produce eggs or gametes for fertilization, the process of ovum donation is carried out to extract the ovum from another egg donor to facilities the fertilization process.